another motion50 / flip

finally got some footage of simon to be able to add him to the growing archive of 2 second films.  in cutting the film i was keen to see what effect adding audio could have – based on the effectiveness of the audio in the last one i made.  so i went for something a little funny – funny ha ha not funny odd.

on watching this i then thought about inserting blank frames again.  this time i added them into every second frame.  it creates a flicker that gives the impression of a celluloid flicker – ar at least hints at it.  so the effect seems to make the still frames even more like a dance, more continuous even in their abruption. for me it also shifts the way the audio works – it’s much less funny.  or maybe that’s because it was a one time gag – the subsequent viewings perhaps don’t sustain the joke.
have a look and see what you think. the first is the original and the second is the flicker version.

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