Well… as there’s an about page we better put a little info about it and us here.

Still/Live is a research and development residency at the Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts. It is an inquiry into notions of ‘liveness’ and the possibilities afforded by considering non-live events using a performative framework. It was initiated from thoughts and elements derived from a work being made by Simon Ellis, Paea Leach and David Corbet entitled ‘4 Acts of Violence leading up to now‘.


Simon Ellis
Simon is a performance maker, performer and teacher whose practice encompasses a range of forms founded on dance and choreographic traditions. He is primarily interested in examining how interdisciplinary performance modes can facilitate the imagining and development of ideas, and in the utilisation of improvisation technologies as a means of understanding idiosyncratic movement pathways and performativity.

Simon’s practice has most recently evolved to include the research and development of methods by which performance practitioners might collate and represent the traces of performance events. This has primarily involved working with digital technologies and is the subject of his PhD completed in May 2005.

David Corbet
David is a multidisciplinary artist who has been working in the performing arts since 1990. He has developed and created work as a musician, composer, dancer, choreographer, director and editor. Primarily he has focussed on the intersection between sound and movement and has worked regularly with choreographers Rosalind Crisp, Paul Romano, Simon Ellis, Felicity MacDonald and Shaun McLeod, both as a dancer and a composer/musician.

He is a member of State of Flux (performance improvisation dance company), Two Suits (dance theatre for the street) and The Boys (director and founder). He was a founding member of Bird on a Wire. He has spent the last decade engaged in researching, teaching and presenting improvised performance and was a curator of Conundrum, a monthly performance event in Melbourne that recently celebreated 10 years of continuous running. He continues to edit and publish Proximity magazine through Slightly Moving Productions (SMP), both of which he founded in 1998.

He continues to develop his performance practice with Jacob Lehrer through performance, teaching and, currently, making a dance film.

Paea Leach
Paea is an independent dancer and choreographer who trained at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts and was based (and working) in Perth until 2005. She has most recently performed with Australian Dance Theatre in Garry Stewart’s new work for the Adelaide Festival Devolution – a work involving collaboration with a French robotics engineer. In 2005 Paea choreographed WAN for Co. Loaded for the Perth International Arts Festival and spent time undertaking professional development with Emio Greco in Amsterdam and Vienna. Paea also worked on a further development period for the SOLOS project – two new works by Shannon Bott and Simon Ellis – which will be performed in Melbourne and as part of the Artrage festival in Perth in 2006. Paea is a member of Arts WA, Young People and the Arts Panel, and has been funded for national and international travel. Paea began working with Chunky Move in 2005.