We have moved all our video clips onto YouTube. You can stil access the ones directly on our site through the links at the bottom of this page. Otherwise, you have two options for viewing our footage:

  1. Go to our user page at YouTube – slightlymoving.
    Clips are:

    There are a couple of other unassociated clips there as well. You can also rate the videos if you sign up to YouTube.

  2. Watch them right here and now in this webpage:

    Old details below

    Generally there will be Quicktime video clips in MPEG-4 or H264 format on this page. You’ll need a recent version of Quicktime or a player like VLC to open them. These clips should load progressively. Click on an image to open the associated clip in a new window.

    making contact - extract This footage is from Making Contact, April 2006. It was a collaborative performance with Andrew Harwoord, Judit Keri, Rae Howell, Alies Sluiter and Monique Aucher. It is 12mins long [25.2mb]. More footage from this event will be available soon.

    excavate videoFilmed at a showing of Excavate in August 2005, this clip is 9min 21sec long [19.5mb].

    DanEdit still DanEdit stillThe first clip (on left) is an edit of rehearsal footage from a residency at the Australian Choreographic Centre. The second clip is footage captured of footage being captured at the same residency. Watch it and it’ll make sense.

    DanEdit still Here is a short (2min 30sec) video of Will Be [5.83mb].