'We’re not responsible'

gasworks season

Thursday, November 10th, 2005

During second semester 2005, Jacob and David worked with the first year dance students to create their end of year piece.

The result was called we’re not responsible.

The project began with five words; feed, magic, rules, creature, net. As the work developed these words dissolved and the discussions turned to responsibility, the ability to respond. In the context of Performance Workshop (the name of the subject), this evolved into an awareness of personal responsibility, responsibility to the group and responsibility to the audience.

In teaching a subject that is directed towards the development of performance ability, we challenged the students to raise their level of focus and attention to the act of performing. We set tasks to allow the students to generate their own choreography and then shaped it as was our want.

We had the stage manager and a live dj on stage.
All the students performed very professionally and the work was well received.

Images and footage to come.