David and I spent the morning filming in the large gallery in PICA. Interesting. We wanted to, quite simply, make a dance film. For the task of it. To consider the camera.  No narrative, no cataclysmic events…just dancing. Stark or empty environments. Nice wooden floors though. Dance pants (with holes) and an old t – shirt.

The score was focused on history, since this has been a point of interest for me in these weeks. Memory, history, body. My sense of what that means as a dancer who is a bit eager to always be moving through so many different ‘kinds’ of movements. I undertook a sort of turbid dancing out of as many histories as I could process. Am I looking for the most applicable to me, or just trying really hard to be good at everything (impossible)?!

Discussions about newness returned to me. I found qualities and almost exact movements (of a me of before, of someone else entirely) resurface. Though I knew the terrain of many shifts in quality, and though familiar, I felt newness. Perhaps it had something to do with context and the immediate ackowledgement of the multiple existence of histories INSIDE of my own umbrella quality. It was movement without looking for it. I enjoyed the rigour and the pace I set for myself.

We have begun to splice these images together. What is emerging is a series of sections of dancing, a lot of it viewed from above – as the camera hovers over a large space that I move through. My body seems to be engaged in an important task. I appear like an ant scurrying across a wide floor. Busy.

I am both interested in the rigour of dancing for the camera and the task of choreographing slippages.

A full day. Another day.