Just finished up a very fleeting visit to a cold and wet Sydney – presenting some materials from my PhD work at the “International Conference on Memory”. Fascinating to be in amongst the language and metaphor of science. To listen to people investigating how movement contributes to experiencing music (in babies), and particularly in the reduction of aspects of human experience to absurdly controlled domains (although I understand the need for this). The capacity of these experiments to have almost no ecological validity (their term) is wonderfully bizarre. It reminded me that although what we are doing in Perth isĀ  not exactly “everyday” it is actually more deeply considerate of the everyday and of lived experience than these particles of “knowledge”. Not that I want to be too hard on them – I thoroughly enjoyed it and was deeply stimulated by what I saw/heard. But I kept hearing the words of my Professor from the University of Otago saying, “So what Simon, so what? And perhaps it is that — the drive to nestle investigations within broad (or other?) contexts … or perhaps it is to understand what these contexts might be?