Sitting in Sydney airport.


My taxi driver on the way here started talking (out of the blue) about time. In his thick Indian accent he wondered outloud about why he didn’t have enough of it … “finishing work at 5pm ready to start again at 3am” … “it’s not good for my health”. I commented how much I enjoyed airports – they always make me feel like I have a lot of time – something to do with the state of relaxation they provoke in me.

It also made me think about our 2 second flips (micro50s) and how they – with my tongue firmly in cheek – might be considered to be cultural antidotes for a fast world.

“Time to catch some art”

“Films for a busy world”

“Never too long”

“Make time for art”

Or maybe it is not that they are antidotes but rather are a direct expression of a perceived (cultural) compression in time.
Not quite sure where this post is heading. But there is something for me about how I experience time when I am watching them – it is compressed and expanded at the same time. As if there is much more in those 2 seconds than there ought to be – or more than that time deserves.