not so little con

the super duper multi-stratified chronologically structured little con.

that’s where we’re performing next. it’s in melbourne at Dancehouse from 7 – 9pm on Feb 29th, 2008.

from the blurb:

What happens when you bring together some of Australia’s finest contemporary dancers with some of Australia’s leading improvisers, contact and butoh practitioners: 5 spaces, 30 dancers – a lot of boxes and 2 hours to find out. Don’t miss the february little con. It’s a monster.

Friday 29th Feb, 7pm @ Dancehouse.
In February, The Little Con will be a special two-hour long curated and
scored improvisational dance event bringing together dancers working across
different contemporary forms. Audience members will be able to come and go
at their leisure, roaming freely about the upstairs space and are invited to become part of the performance by using cardboard boxes to divide and
redivide the space into three sections, creating separate and intimate
viewing environments.
Cost: $7 @ the door.

there’s a crazy excel spreadsheet detailing when and where everyone is performing that has had a few revisions and makes my eye water when i try to read it. here’s hoping that it all makes sense on the night.

video documentation to follow.

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