why you should come more than once

We’ve been having a forum after each show at the Australian Choreographic Centre. One of the things that keeps coming up is about the nature of the improvisation – how improvised is our work. One of the answers we’ve been giving is ‘come and see the show again’. It’s really the only way you can get a handle on the work we are doing and the rigour of our practice. After the show tonight we thought that if people are really keen to understand this work they actually need to come at least three times. Here is what we came up with:

In seeing our work the first time you get an impression, seeing it a second time you have a comparison, and on the third time you get a perspective.

Impression. Comparsion. Perspective.

The other thing that happened in the forum tonight is that one woman who was asking about the nature of the improvisation had a different struggle. She was saying that she was battling with the need to know how improvised the work was. With the information that it is improvised she wanted to know, and was questioning why she needed to know instead of just accepting that the work she saw was the work. This also led into a conversation about Jazz and music improvisation – where it is accepted that you listen/see the work as it appears without needing to question it.

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