Space and Place

Thursday, November 13th, 2003

David and Jacob have both been heavily involved in the work of Y Space and Jillian Pearce (who founded and directs the company).

Space and Place was performed on the side of the wheat silos in Natimuk and featured aerial performers interacting with live computer animations (throw in a choir, the local kids doing shadow puppets, a band, a found object sculpture and some extreme weather for the full picture). As aerial performers David and Jacob were responsible for generating material and leading rehearsal sessions.
space and place
photo by David Fletcher

The Boys

Saturday, February 15th, 2003

At the end of 2002 David and Jacob formed The Boys. The first performances were at Conundrum in 2003 followed by a show at Dancehouse and then a 6 night season as part of the Melbourne International Arts Festival. This season was produced by David and Jacob with the assistance of Ranters Theatre.

The concept for The Boys was simple – get as many men to dance together as possible. It’s a rare thing to see large male ensembles in contemporary dance – in fact in any performance arena (apart from team sports). The Boys is an ongoing project and they have performed in a number of different settings.

Members of The Boys:

Josef Lehrer, Telford Scully, Colin Sneesby, Martin Hughes, Paul Roberts, Paul Dumais, Shaun McLeod, Ashley Macqueen, Tom Andrews, Andrew Grey, Michael Hurwood, Justin Holland, Andrew Morrish, Paul Romano, Ilan Abrahams, Richard Lawton, Christo Everingham, Philipe Defwa, David Corbet, Jacob Lehrer

(and on the bench, Simon Ellis – yet to make an appearance)

lift him + hold him + z links + drown
Photos from Video Footage by Dianne Reid